Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Guidelines to make you a happy Banking customer

Bank plays an important role in promoting economic development of the country. In this complex world, banking has become an integral part in the life of every human being. It’s very hard to manage your funds without a bank account.
National consumer helpline has issued some important advisories for consumers which should be followed for a safe and secure banking experience.

• Do not hand over your Debit/credit /ATM card to anybody, even a bank officer.
• Be vigilant while your card is being swiped because its details can be downloaded on a computer during the process.
• Do not reveal your card number on unsecured websites.
• Always check the record of your transactions and check the account statements regularly. Instead of “Periodically check your accounts”
• When canceling a card, ensure the magnetic strip is destroyed/ damaged.
• Check the credibility of your bank agent.
• Signature is the only proof of card ownership; the shop/mall staff can spot a stolen or cloned card.
Never reply to e-mails asking for your password or PIN.
Count the number of cheque leaves whenever you receive a new cheque book.
• If your card application is rejected, you have the right to ask for the reason thereof from the issuing bank in writing. You should also ensure that the documents submitted by you are returned back.
• Cards are not repairable. Beware of Agents who promise to get it repaired and dupe consumers.
• Pay for credit card bills only through account payee cheques in favour of credit card issuer mentioning credit card no. Do not pay cash.
• Write your name/address on the reverse side of the cheque.
•  Merchant Establishments are not permitted to pass on the Merchant’s transaction fee to the cardholder as a”Service Charge”. Service Fee” or”Surcharge”.
• The most important thing to remember is to never ever give out your online banking user ID and password to anyone. Even if a bank employee asks for it you must never do so.
• Do not use online banking in internet caf├ęs, libraries and other public premises to avoid your account number and password from being stolen by video or the monitoring of your keyboard strokes. Always use your personal computer for executing online banking services.

                        TOLL-FREE NUMBER: 1800-11-400 (MTNL / BSNL)
                        011-27662955-58( Other Service Provider, Normal call Charges Applicable)

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